Semi-frequent Tidbits

Let's just not bother with calling this "Five on Friday" anymore, okay?


1. Chillin' with Daddy. Hank's legs are naked because he just had his toenails clipped (a.k.a. his mother was trying to murder him)


2. Wind was blowing this sign around at Delta Sonic. #ohmy





4. Papa and Hank both REALLY love trucks. 


5. Elf on the Shelf has officially begun. We are totally uncreative about it. Figure we may as well save ourselves for the later years.

Seven* on Friday

*because I'm a rule-breaker like that


1.  A very-much-needed weekend with our best friends

photo 1.JPG

2.  I admit I bought this mostly because the name makes me chortle like a teenage boy. (Also, it was on sale.)

photo 2.JPG

3.  Thank God for indoor playgrounds at the mall now that the weather is getting colder. 


4. Our messy living room. People have been begging to see photos of the inside of our new rental. However during daylight hours it usually looks like this. Keepin' it real. 


5.  A view into the kitchen (with a Hank photo-bomb).


6.  We've all been a little tired this week. Shaking my fist at you, time change.


7.  Best. Smile. Ever. So honored I get to see it everyday.

This week: Our new digs

This has been one of the craziest weeks of my life. We moved into our new place this past weekend. I severely underestimated how complicated it would be to move with a 1 year-old. Not only do you have less time to pack/move/unpack, but you've got to do it without leaving crap everywhere that they can get into. Thank God for grandparents on deck to help out.  

Here's 5 on Friday.


1. Our new (rental) abode for at least the next 3 years. It's cute and cozy, and you can't beat the view of Edinboro Lake from the front deck. It really could not be more perfect for us right now. 


2. Sophie snoozing while we were working our asses off. All I wanted to do all week was curl up in a ball with her and take a nap. 



3. I think I saw Chuck Norris in the parking lot of the Walmart in Edinboro.

photo 4-1.JPG

4. Sittin' by the lake with Opa. 


5. These containers of ours now sit behind a glass-front cabinet, so I spent $12 on some chalk labels and a chalk pen to make them a little sexier. I may be a little too enamored with the result and want to put chalk labels on everything. 



Bonus: Happy Hank

This week: art, Heisenberg, and a work trip

Here's Five on Friday.

photo 2.JPG

1. Had a beautiful evening at an art reception I attended with Rick's Aunt Bev, hosted by friends of hers at their amazing estate in Edinboro. I really miss my creative community in State College. It was lovely to meet a lively community of quirky, interesting art-lovers here in Edinboro/Erie.


photo 1.JPG

2. Watched the Breaking Bad finale on Monday night wearing these shirts. Please excuse Rick's wrinkly shirt. It was pulled from the laundry bin. We avoided the internet all day so that we wouldn't have the ending spoiled for us.

photo 3.JPG

3. The calm before the storm Thursday at TEDxJNJ@SpringHouse at Janssen Research and Development near Philadelphia — an event I was working on for the past two months. I speaker-coached and designed presentations for some brilliant, inspiring people including a bench scientist who moonlights as an improv comedian, an art therapist, an IT guy, a medicinal nano particle engineer, and a 20 year old Thiel fellow who developed a vaccine for cancer and is working to build implantable devices that monitor your health in real-time. I've worked with many speakers that I never get to meet in person, so being able to attend the event and meet everybody I was working with was amazing.

photo 4.JPG

4. It was also the first time I was away from Hank overnight. Even though I was only gone for 36 hours, I missed two days with him and I was definitely feeling it. Everywhere I looked there were reminders of him. This was at the airport when my flight had been delayed for over an hour for maintenance issues. Also, WANDS.
My sweet husband made a crappy evening much better by sending little videos of Hank to me throughout the evening during his night time routine. I love my boys.

photo 5.JPG

5. And a nice walk down the driveway on a wet autumn morning. I love Sophie's butt.


Also, Hank took his first few steps today. Watch out, world. 

Five on Friday

Since I stopped writing my monthly letters to Hank when he turned one, I'm starting to freak out that I won't remember to document the little things happening in our family. 

So, inspired by a friend, I'm going to take the "Five on Friday" challenge. Every Friday I'll take five minutes to share five little things going on in our lives. 


1. The season of animal-shaming is upon us! I'm so excited that we'll have a new little neighborhood to trick-or-treat in, so I found the dog a new costume. She is not pleased.


2. Popping a squat with my babies.  I love how Hank slows down in the grass and takes everything in. He's also really starting to play with the dog. He'll pet her and throw her ball for her. It melts my heart.


3. Feeling lucky to have found a new choir family — The Presque Isle Chorale. Four part harmonies make my soul tremble. Also, I've been homesick for my friends and family since we moved here in January, and it's so nice to feel like I'm among "my people" among my new choir friends.


4. Official new big-boy kicks for the Hankster. He's had baby shoes before and hand-me-down shoes, but this is his first pair of officially-sized and all-to-himself skidz. (They're the Garrett style from Stride-Rite, a gift from Grandma.) He's not walking yet, but he's cruising and getting pretty close.


5. Sophie's birthday was yesterday. We mixed some pulled pork with peanut butter, stuck a candle in it, and sang to her. We are those people.

Happy Friday, everyone. 

P.S. That was more like 20 minutes than 5 minutes, but you gotta start somewhere.