Five on Friday

Since I stopped writing my monthly letters to Hank when he turned one, I'm starting to freak out that I won't remember to document the little things happening in our family. 

So, inspired by a friend, I'm going to take the "Five on Friday" challenge. Every Friday I'll take five minutes to share five little things going on in our lives. 


1. The season of animal-shaming is upon us! I'm so excited that we'll have a new little neighborhood to trick-or-treat in, so I found the dog a new costume. She is not pleased.


2. Popping a squat with my babies.  I love how Hank slows down in the grass and takes everything in. He's also really starting to play with the dog. He'll pet her and throw her ball for her. It melts my heart.


3. Feeling lucky to have found a new choir family — The Presque Isle Chorale. Four part harmonies make my soul tremble. Also, I've been homesick for my friends and family since we moved here in January, and it's so nice to feel like I'm among "my people" among my new choir friends.


4. Official new big-boy kicks for the Hankster. He's had baby shoes before and hand-me-down shoes, but this is his first pair of officially-sized and all-to-himself skidz. (They're the Garrett style from Stride-Rite, a gift from Grandma.) He's not walking yet, but he's cruising and getting pretty close.


5. Sophie's birthday was yesterday. We mixed some pulled pork with peanut butter, stuck a candle in it, and sang to her. We are those people.

Happy Friday, everyone. 

P.S. That was more like 20 minutes than 5 minutes, but you gotta start somewhere.