Seven* on Friday

*because I'm a rule-breaker like that


1.  A very-much-needed weekend with our best friends

photo 1.JPG

2.  I admit I bought this mostly because the name makes me chortle like a teenage boy. (Also, it was on sale.)

photo 2.JPG

3.  Thank God for indoor playgrounds at the mall now that the weather is getting colder. 


4. Our messy living room. People have been begging to see photos of the inside of our new rental. However during daylight hours it usually looks like this. Keepin' it real. 


5.  A view into the kitchen (with a Hank photo-bomb).


6.  We've all been a little tired this week. Shaking my fist at you, time change.


7.  Best. Smile. Ever. So honored I get to see it everyday.