Beauty Product Roundup

Many moons ago, I used to write a beauty product review blog that has since gone extinct. That blog still gets lots of traffic — even without new posts — because apparently a lot of people are googling "Giada's nails"... and my old blog is the top hit for that. Now, I'm a grown-ass adult with future plans, and a house, and bills to go with it. I make more trips to Lowe's than to Target. So I'm not trying new beauty products like I used to. But I don't think I will ever stop blabbing about the products that I use and love.

Here's a roundup of 3 of my current favorite things:


L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes

in Waterproof Blackest Black

This is a great drugstore mascara that doesn't clump or flake on me. It gives lashes a good amount of length and volume and holds curl. Just don't expect Anna Nicole-levels of lash drama. The wand is superb at coating lashes while separating them.


Clinique Superbalm Gloss

in Black Honey

Is it a balm? Is it a gloss? Oh honey, it's both. I love this stuff because the pigment is a brownish-red that manages to look really natural. If they ever discontinue this, I will be hoarding a lifetime supply.


Nars Blush

in Deep Throat <----I am not making this up.

I have naturally rosy cheeks, so I spent many years thinking I could skip the blush. But pale skin doesn't look so good without a little color. And you can blame those Kardashian sisters for making me wonder if the right blush could give me a little glow.

Nars blush is famous for a reason: it really is that stellar. And while it's expensive, the compact will last you for years (if you're not a drag queen or a stripper). The Orgasm blush is probably the most famous, but I like the Deep Throat because it's a more natural peachy-pink. I use the Sonia Kashuk Flat Blusher Brush for application, which I also highly recommend.

Now, over to you. What are your current favorite products?